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Glitter ball size 17 ( Sasaki)

AED 400.00

Ball Sasaki M-207MVE
Diameter: 17 cm
 glitter for rhythmic gymnastics, multicolored ball with changing shades and flowing transitions
Ball Sasaki M-207MVE LIBUxSKBU glitter for rhythmic gymnastics multicolored ball with changing shades and flowing transitions, Diameter 17 cm &18.5 cm

More Information

Modell Middle Venus M-207MVE
Type Multicolor
Color Multicolor
Diameter, cm 17.0
Weight, gr 330
FIG Approved No
Material Rubber
Brand Sasaki
Condition New

Care measures:

  • Store and transport the ball only in the ball cover
  • Use the ball only on a specialized gymnastic carpet
  • Inflate the ball only with a hand pump of the same manufacturer
  • Before inflating the ball wet the needle in the ball Smoother (grease)
  • Do not inflate the ball more than the specified diameter
  • Do not store or transport the ball without air
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Wash the ball with warm soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth


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Half Shoes RG (Pastorelli)

AED 75.00

Microfiber fabric half shoes with 2 elastic bands with terry cloth inside.

The highest performance of the shoe, as far as shape and softness are concerned, is reached since the very first moment you wear it.

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Half Shoes RG (Tuloni)

AED 100.00

Three pairs of professional half shoes Tuloni for rhythmic gymnastics from stretch microfibra.

 The half shoes are very comfortable and soft.

Approachable for trainings as well as for competitions.

The colour of the fabric, the sole and the rubbers resembles to the skin colour.

The polished sole reduces the friction while rotations.

The soft insole is made from natural cotton.

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Half Shoes R.G. (SASAKI )

AED 175.00

  • Authentic and brand new Sasaki Sports product
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics – R.G. Half Shoes
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Half RG SOCKS (Tuloni )

AED 75.00

Professional RG Half Socks for rhythmic gymnastics by Tuloni.

They are very comfortable and soft. The elastic band is fine and in skin colour.

The half shoes are produced of elastic textiles.

They enclose the leg perfectly and offer the maximum comfort by the implementation of the exercises.

The thicker lower internal part reduces the load with the floor.

The socks RG 1/2 fit for all foot forms.

They suite for training and for competitions.

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Half Socks for Rhythmic Gymnastics (SASAKI )

AED 100.00

Brand: SASAKI, made in Japan
Material: nylon
Color: beige

Soft half shoes like socks.

Foot size Socks size
37-42 L
34-38 M
30-35 S
26-32 S2
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Under leotards body foundation (SOLO)

AED 80.00

A body in beige on thin straps for rhythmic gymnastics.

It is used under the leotard. The fabric is opaque. Density: 190 g/m².

It adapts perfectly to the body and does not adversely affect body difficulties..

The back covers the lower part of the shoulder blades.

Chest and leg cut-outs are reinforced with elastic bands, which contributes to a stable fixation of the fabric on the body.

Size : 32 (128-134)
Size : 34 (134-140)
Size :  36 (140-146)
Size : 38 (146-152)
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Gymnastic ball – glitter 16 cm (Pastorelli)

AED 275.00

Weight : 320 gm

Material : Rubber

Size : 16 CM

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